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An alkane containing an -NH2 group in place of one H atom; for example, ethylamine.
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The FTIR spectra confirmed that each alkylamine could be covalently bonded to the neat GNPs by the reactions between the functional groups of the alkylamine and the neat GNPs.
Victoria by application of the chemical thinner agents Armothin[R] (Ethyl alkylamine) 1%, ATS 1.5%, NAA 10 mg x [L.sup.-1] + Ethephon 75 [micro]L x [L.sup.-1] and Ethephon 250 [micro]L x [L.sup.-1].
Degradation models and ecotoxicity in marine waters of two antifouling compounds: sodium hypochlorite and an alkylamine surfactant.
Chlorpheniramine or chlorphenamine (Figure 1A), commonly marketed in the form of chlorpheniramine maleate, is the first generationof alkylamine compounds for anti-histaminepurposes.
Alkylamine, which had inhibited the aggregation of silver nanoparticles in the silver ink, is completely removed from the silver surface by postprocessing so that silver nanoparticles can fuse to each other.
The alkylamine (-N[R.sub.2], R = alkyl) substitution at 8-position gives more significantly red-shifted absorption (>430 nm) and fluorescence emission (>580 nm) with a combination of ester, amide, nitrile, triazole, and pyridinium salts (11-21).
Although, alkylamine enhanced the reducing ability of polyol and controlled the unidirectional growth on {100} planes, this was not adequate to avoid the generation of NPs in large quantities.
Shanmugharaj, "Synthesis of Sn[O.sub.2] pillared carbon using long chain alkylamine grafted graphene oxide: an efficient anode material for lithium ion batteries," Nanoscale, vol.
Following our previous work (24), [beta]-elimination with a mild alkylamine base and concomitant Michael-type addition of 2-mercaptoethanol as nucleophile was applied.
Chung, "Effects of the alkylamine functionalization of graphene oxide on the properties of polystyrene nanocomposites," Nanoscale Research Letters, vol.
Others showed that silver nanoparticles impregnated in guar gum alkylamine yielded a faster wound-closing rate compared to other positive controls, while histological examination revealed well-organized granulation tissue and epithelialization (Figure 2) [26].