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the act of making alkaline.
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The process of rendering alkaline.
Synonym(s): alkalinization
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, alkalinize (al′kă-līz″) (-lĭ-nīz″)
To make alkaline.
alkalinization (al″kă-lin″ĭ-zā′shŏn) alkalization (al″kă-lĭ-zā′shŏn)
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According to these findings, we hypothesized that intracellular alkalization due to Hv1 activation might lead to calcium entry through CatSper.
The most important Hv1 activating factors are membrane depolarization, extracellular alkalization and anandamide.
In 5 patients, intraoperative hemoglobinuria was noted which abated 2-3 days after hydration and urine alkalization. Creatinine and urea nitrogen rose in 6 cases but all returned to normal after 5 days.
Mild Alkalization Acutely Triggers the Warburg Effect by Enhancing Hexokinase Activity via Voltage-Dependent Anion Channel Binding.
This necessitates the alkalization of water before feeding to the borelective membranes.
First she swore by ayahuasca, then it was all about sensory deprivation chambers or MDMA, wheatgrass, body alkalization, or a certain guru."
The effect of alkalization and fibre alignment on the mechanical and thermal properties of Kenaf and hemp bast fibre composites: part 2--cashew nut shell liquid matrix.
Alkalization of urine with sodium bicarbonate (NaHC[O.sub.3]) is beneficial in three ways: it reduces precipitation of Tamm-Horsfall protein-myoglobin complex, it inhibits oxidation-reductive process of myoglobin and lipid peroxidase reducing the damage to the tubules, and it reduces vasoconstriction caused by metmyoglobin in acidic environment [11, 12].
Urinary alkalization can be useful in selected cases.
* A Phytonutrient Green Drink: To help quench damaging free radicals and contribute to whole body alkalization.
The diagnosis of alkaptonuria is usually based on the detection of degenerative joint disease, ochronosis of the connective tissue and the darkening of urine after alkalization. In addition, alkaptonuria may be associated with nephrolithiasis, which develops in the sixth decade.