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the act of making alkaline.


The process of rendering alkaline.
Synonym(s): alkalinization


, alkalinize (al′kă-līz″) (-lĭ-nīz″)
To make alkaline.
alkalinization (al″kă-lin″ĭ-zā′shŏn) alkalization (al″kă-lĭ-zā′shŏn)


the act of making alkaline.
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This paper reports the influence of alkalization of soil due to cement dust deposition on the content of pigments and anatomical characteristics of needles of Scots pine growing on a gradient of soil disbalanced in mineral nutrient composition and in pH.
CMC which obtained with alkalization of cellulose then followed by carboxymethylation process using Sodium Monochloroacetate (SMCA) was in the range 0.
This has caused alkalization of the environment, physical and chemical changes in the soil, ground water and precipitation in Northeast Estonia [1, 2].
The patient was treated with vigorous hydration and urine alkalization, and he recovered uneventfully without sequelae.
Neutralization of samples is necessary for all procedures for glutathione titration, both spectrophotometric and HPLC; generally, neutralization-slight alkalization is achieved by the addition of strongly buffered solutions or solid sodium bicarbonate.
For example, industrial pollution, salinization, alkalization and deforestation are some of the other issues that add to the problems in China.
Hyperventilation did not sustain cerebral alkalization and led to a loss of cerebral spinal fluid buffer.
An all-natural supplement promoting proper alkalization of the body at a cellular level could potentially lower users' risk of these diseases dramatically.
The existing filter building is built to order to accommodate the new process with membrane filters, tanks, plant alkalization and connections via cables to the existing plant components.
Over application can result in negative effects such as leaching, pollution of water resources, destruction of microorganisms and friendly insects, crop susceptibility to disease attack, acidification or alkalization of the soil or reduction in soil fertility.
Alkalization reduces sympathetic activity and increases parasympathetic.