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The process of rendering alkaline.
Synonym(s): alkalinization
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, alkalinize (al′kă-līz″) (-lĭ-nīz″)
To make alkaline.
alkalinization (al″kă-lin″ĭ-zā′shŏn) alkalization (al″kă-lĭ-zā′shŏn)
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The intensity of motor blockade too increased with alkalinization with an improved quality block and less chances of missed segments.
Extracellular acidification enhanced the response while predepolarization and alkalinization diminished the response.
Designing full-scale biodigestion plants for the treatment of vinasse in sugarcane biorefineries: how phase separation and alkalinization impact biogas and electricity production costs?
Afterwards, the extracellular alkalinization was performed by replacing the initial BCSCs medium with standard medium supplemented with various volumes of 8.4% NaHC[O.sub.3] (Meylon-84[R], Otsuka, Indonesia) to generate the final concentration of 10, 30, 50, 75, and 100 mM.
It seems that the presence of ROS is fundamental for the induction of HPV and the activity of AE is necessary for alkalinization during HPV.
According to AUA guidelines for the management of kidney stones, the first approach to treatment of cystinuria is a conservative program that includes initiation of therapeutic lifestyle changes involving increased fluid intake and restriction of sodium and protein, as well as urinary alkalinization therapy (Pearle et al., 2014).
Anti-psychotic treatment was discontinued and supportive care was initiated afterwards (biphasic positive airway pressure, dopamine, milrinone, furosemide, intravenous hydration and alkalinization), amantadine and bromocriptine were started.
Approaches for detecting lysosomal alkalinization and impaired degradation in fresh and cultured RPE cells: evidence for a role in retinal degenerations.
At high formate concentrations and 100 mM glycylglycine, cells lysed in the stationary phase, presumably due to alkalinization of the medium.
Alkalinization with sodium bicarbonate is an essential component of management of the aspirin-poisoned patient.
Urine Alkalinization. Alkalinization is commonly used as part of the preventative measure of TLS, since this increases the urine pH which makes UA more soluble and less likely to precipitate in the renal tubules.
Evidence that platelet shape change disturbs early rises of BCECF fluorescence which causes an underestimation of actual cytosolic alkalinization," Biochemical Journal, vol.