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, alinement (ă-līn′mĕnt) [Fr. aligner, to put in a straight line]
1. The act of arranging in a straight line.
2. The state of being arranged in a straight line.
3. In orthopedics, the placing of portions of a fractured bone into correct anatomical position.
4. The anatomical presentation of one structure to another, such as opposing joint surfaces.
5. In dentistry, bringing teeth into correct position.
6. In radiography, the positioning of a body part in correct relation to the radiographic source and receiver.
7.. In chiropractic, the manipulation of the spine to restore it to a healthy anatomic position.
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This procedure eliminates alinement errors due to ellipticity produced by the polarizer.
Some unusual effects in alinement have been observed and explained as due to the light from the polarizer having a slight ellipticity.