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, alinement (ă-līn′mĕnt) [Fr. aligner, to put in a straight line]
1. The act of arranging in a straight line.
2. The state of being arranged in a straight line.
3. In orthopedics, the placing of portions of a fractured bone into correct anatomical position.
4. The anatomical presentation of one structure to another, such as opposing joint surfaces.
5. In dentistry, bringing teeth into correct position.
6. In radiography, the positioning of a body part in correct relation to the radiographic source and receiver.
7.. In chiropractic, the manipulation of the spine to restore it to a healthy anatomic position.
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Born on December 28, 1961 in Emporia, Kansas, Aline grew up in a small town on a farm.
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Trams through Square Street while was Aline Amey said: "number for KAM He was shook up and had a few cuts.
Aline was the model for paintings, such as Dance at Bougival (1883; Fig.
Aline gave up espionage when she married grandee the Count of Romanones, only telling him her secret the night before they wed.
Television personality Jihan al Lamki was the moderator for the discussion where entrepreneurs including Aline Kamakian, Nabila al Amri, Rawan al Nazwani and Ahlam al Wahibi spoke.
Ms Aline informed the Minister that World Food Progamme Pakistan had extended its cooperation with health department and was going to launch its nutrition programme in more districts of Sindh.
Aline Gubrium and Krista Harper are faculty members of the University of Massachusetts Amherst.
Aline Lima told the superstar she was "not single" when he asked her to send him "gym selfies" and offered her tickets to watch him play.
Aline Cabral Palmeira (1), Rodrigo Cappato de Araujo (2), Anna Luiza Escossio (1), Silvia Wanick Sarinho (3), Jose Angelo Rizzo (3), Flavio Maciel Dias de Andrade (4), Emilia Chagas Costa (5), Marco Aurelio de Valois Correia Junior (4)
Lead contractor US Aline Inc, a provider of rapid prototyping, engineering and volume production of microfluidic devices, has taken delivery of the first batch of biosensors in Rancho Dominguez, California, USA and the initial test programme has kicked off.