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food; nutritive material.
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1. Synonym(s): nourishment
2. In sensorimotor theory, that which is assimilated to a schema; analogous to a stimulus.
[L. alo, to nourish]
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1. Something that nourishes; food.
2. Something that supports or sustains.
tr.v. (-mĕnt′) ali·mented, ali·menting, ali·ments
To supply with sustenance, such as food: required by court order to aliment the abandoned family.

al′i·men′tal (-mĕn′tl) adj.
al′i·men′tal·ly adv.
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A substance used to feed or to sustain life and growth of an organism.
Synonym(s): aliment.
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L'intoxication alimentaire est due a la consommation d'aliments contamines par des agents pathogenes (bacteries, virus, parasites...) ou des substances toxiques comme les pesticides.
En effet, les manieres de s'approprier d'autres nourritures (saveurs, techniques, aliments et representations) ou de reconstruire des pratiques reposent en partie sur une socialisation alimentaire et sur des savoirs culinaires premigratoires (Crenn et al.
Pour 30 aliments ou groupes d'aliments, une echelle en 8 points a ete utilisee, oU 1 signifie <<aucune consommation dans la derniere semaine>> et 8 signifie <<4 fois et plus par jour>> (16).
Mais cela ne demande pas que nous traitions nos aliments en medicaments.
The Aliment agent said the company has returned 300 million yen to Hachiyo as it has received more than it should have, but that the company has no intention of returning the remaining 1.7 billion yen.
Mr McNair said: "There have been discussions between the mother and father in relation to aliment and he has never disputed he has an obligation for that.
[beaucoup moins que]On l'appelle El Meftoul et il est accompagne d'une variete de legumes et autres aliments de base[beaucoup plus grand que], ajoute le meme responsable.
I was off ill for two years and you can't pay aliment if you're on benefits.
He demanded that his dad pay pounds 1000-a-month aliment backdated to September 1996.
Speaking to KUNA, the minister said that the individuals contracting the disease were currently being treated, adding that necessary precautions were undertaken to prevent the spread of the aliment. The Ministry of Education will continue to coordinate with the Ministry of Health, said Dr.