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align (əlīn),

v to move the teeth into their proper positions to conform to the line of occlusion.
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What can districts do to ensure that professional development strategies and spending align with findings from the best available research--and affect student achievement?
We align our defensive tackles in a 5 technique vs the offensive tackles and put our nose in a zero on the center.
Rather than aligning one spin in a million as standard NMR does, this processes aligns the spins of almost one in three xenon nuclei.
The defensive end on the side of the walk-up linebacker will align in a 4 technique.
If the DE aligns on the TE's inside shoulder or in his inside gap, the TE will block him.
1, we align 10 of the 11 defensive regulars in a traditional 52 front.
SumTotal Enterprise Suite Implemented by Lloyds TSB to Support Performance Learning Management Initiative, Align Employee Performance with Business Goals
6 aligns on tackle's inside shoulder and rushes kick through B gap.
Everyone aligns like this on each of the plays, except for the fullback in Polecat 2.
CollabNet's customers immediately gain the On-Demand Collaborative Advantage(TM) which dynamically aligns and aggregates people, projects, and processes by automating communication, cooperation, and coordination.
He aligns on the LOS, as shown, in two of our fronts but is not considered part of the defensive line.
Therefore, it should come as no surprise that modeling is an underlying component of our Software Delivery Optimization vision -- a vision that aligns teams, technology and processes to maximize the business value of software.