alignment mark

a·lign·ment mark

marks made in tracings while the kymograph or other recording apparatus is at rest in order to indicate the time relations between two tracings inscribed one above the other, for example, jugular and radial pulses.
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A fiducial is essentially an alignment mark used by surface-mount assembly machines.
In fabrication of Nanowire alignment and exposure are the most critical steps in photolithography process, the resolution requirements and precise alignment are vital, each mask needs to be precisely aligned with original alignment mark.
The mask contains the drawings of the fluid channel elements and an alignment mark for rotational alignment to the flat of the silicon wafer.
Another useful feature is located on the bow's shelf in the form of a centershot alignment mark designed to simplify the adjustment and tuning of your setup.
Other features include 8 1/8-inch brace height, straight riser, centershot alignment mark, multiple holes for mounting your sight and accessories, and Cam-Lock[TM] Cable Guard.
This year's phenomenon of solar alignment marks Egypt's 200th anniversary of the discovery of the Abu Simbel temples by the Swiss oriental traveler Johann Ludwig Burckhardt on March 22, 1813.
The equipment will be shipped with the server and applications necessary for: - save and calculate the corrections to be applied to lithography equipment - define and create new overlay alignment marks.
Alignment marks can be added onto the masks to show areas of the mask that must be aligned first or to show the part number of the piece that the mask should be used on.
Just scratch alignment marks or numbers or whatever you need on the parts as you remove them so you won't have to remember where they go when it's time for reassembly.
Fiducials and alignment marks may also become filled with solder material as the paper smears it across the stencil.