alignment mark

a·lign·ment mark

marks made in tracings while the kymograph or other recording apparatus is at rest in order to indicate the time relations between two tracings inscribed one above the other, for example, jugular and radial pulses.
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A fiducial is essentially an alignment mark used by surface-mount assembly machines.
(a) Optical micrograph showing a lower alignment mark patterned on a substrate in the first level of photolithography.
The upper 100 [micro]m thick SU-8 layer was the chamber structures while the lower 10 [micro]m thick SU-8 layer contained the alignment mark patterns.
In fabrication of Nanowire alignment and exposure are the most critical steps in photolithography process, the resolution requirements and precise alignment are vital, each mask needs to be precisely aligned with original alignment mark. Otherwise, it can't successfully transfer the original pattern to the wafer surface causing device and circuit failure.
The mask contains the drawings of the fluid channel elements and an alignment mark for rotational alignment to the flat of the silicon wafer.
11 Set each stile in place and make an alignment mark that runs from the stile onto the rail.
Another useful feature is located on the bow's shelf in the form of a centershot alignment mark designed to simplify the adjustment and tuning of your setup.
Other features include 8 1/8-inch brace height, straight riser, centershot alignment mark, multiple holes for mounting your sight and accessories, and Cam-Lock[TM] Cable Guard.
Their flanks are punctured by tens of vents whose alignment marks the locations where subsurface magma pathways have intersected the Earth's surface.
This year's phenomenon of solar alignment marks Egypt's 200th anniversary of the discovery of the Abu Simbel temples by the Swiss oriental traveler Johann Ludwig Burckhardt on March 22, 1813.
Caption: Once the drive base is seated, the fork is rotated until alignment marks line up with the tripod's 3 tool-free mounting bolts.