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align (əlīn),

v to move the teeth into their proper positions to conform to the line of occlusion.
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Finally on-center steering performance of an Europe mid-size wagon was improved by increasing tire aligning torque at lower slip angle based on these research results.
From aligning their clients' business and IT strategies; to improving business processes; and deploying and supporting solutions that accelerate business results, no other Microsoft Business Solutions partner offers more comprehensive information technology solutions and services than ePartners.
Pearson Scott Foresman is setting the standard for aligning content of basal programs and continually works with independent researchers to improve their product.
Our future is all about alignment -- aligning Sunkist growers and packers with our customers and end consumers; aligning the citrus industry in the west to grow the citrus category.
These companies depend on ePartners' 400-person consulting organization for help aligning business and IT strategies, improving business processes and deploying and supporting solutions that accelerate business results.
Aligning COBIT and ITIL through a COSO framework leads to a more organized auditing process; particularly from an IT perspective.
A study released today found that organizations with a process for aligning projects with strategy and leveraging program management offices (PMOs) experience greater success in projects coming in on time and on budget.
CollabNet Team Edition is a secure, on-demand collaborative development environment that brings dynamic communication, cooperation, and coordination to team members by aligning and aggregating people, projects and processes.