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align (əlīn),

v to move the teeth into their proper positions to conform to the line of occlusion.
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The work focused on using the Aligned Assets business database to supplement their LLPG (local land and property gazetteer), which is used to feed numerous council systems and projects with the most accurate address data available.
There are eight critical steps for achieving aligned thinking and behaviour:
Level 4: Feedback provided to students is aligned with the rubric.
In using Riverdeep, the curriculum is aligned to the state standards and benchmarks, and teachers will be organized around specific lesson and unit plans, says Riverdeep Director Gail Pierson.
This is an overdue business model for residential brokerage," says Aligned president and co-founder Steven Ganz.
A good example of this is a playside tackle blocking down on a defensive lineman aligned head-up or on the outside shoulder of the guard.
Based on AnchorPoint's proven process that has enabled customers to rapidly implement and adopt TEM technology and achieve groundbreaking results, the White Paper explains how a strategic approach to TEM begins with understanding a customer's specific business needs, and delivers results throughout the development and implementation of an integrated people, process and technology solution that is aligned to those needs.
com)-- Aligned Assets and Pitney Bowes Software (PBS) are pleased to announce the technology transfer of PBS's GeoStore Spatial Data Warehouse to the Woking-based gazetteer specialists.
The tweak was intended to reduce the aggregation of catalysts on the silicon wafers, but the researchers achieved something even better: 2-to-4mm-long tubes anchored in the catalysts and aligned parallel to one another in the direction of the blowing gases.
6 shows a defense against a top receiver aligned in the slot to create coverage mismatch vs a linebacker.
Companies who leverage the BSC methodology as a framework for articulating their strategic priorities and measuring progress against them, at the enterprise and HR department level, have achieved bottom-line results and have 'earned a seat at the strategy table' to articulate the value of a workforce aligned to strategy.
com)-- With a dramatic increase in the number of shared services in local government, gazetteer specialists Aligned Assets have released a shared service version of their award winning gazetteer management system, Symphony iManage.