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Nine bins were deliberately set alight in North Road, Larch Street, Heaton Road and Church Street around midnight.
He was charged with attacking her with an axe handle, resisting arrest and pouring petrol over a child's push chair and threatening to set it alight.
He said: "The bungalow was well alight and the ones next door are damaged because the firefighters hacked their way into the roof space to tackle the fire.
The teenager, who was 17 at the time, then doused the living room sofa in petrol and set it alight before returning to the friend's house to continue watching the film 28 Days Later.
Alight Planning offers a set of collaborative budgeting, forecasting and financial reporting capabilities, with an architecture "created from the ground up," the company said, adding that "Alight Planning's flexible modeling interfaces, with object-based linking, let finance staff build more accurate and auditable driver-based financial plans than with today's spreadsheets.
Set Alight ran the fastest Thomas Bryon ever and was winning the race for a second time for owner Khalid Abdullah, whose colours were carried to victory in 2003 with Apsis.
Still on fire, he got into his car which was parked outside the house in Fleet, Hampshire, but the flames set the car alight.
In front of people lining up for food at a store in the Krakow Old Market Square, an old man, Walenty Badylak, chained himself to a water pump, poured gasoline over himself and set himself alight, like Palach had done, in protest against the Communist domination in Poland.
For a live demo of Alight Enterprise 5, or for more information about Alight's budgeting, reporting, and forecasting solutions, visit www.
Caernarfon Alight will also see the waterfront brought to life with a torch procession and live music performance.
Rawalpindi -- A man allegedly doused petrol on a woman and set her on alight in the jurisdiction of Saddar Police Station on Sunday.
At 4am on Tuesday, August 25, the window of a car parked on Beechcroft in Morpeth was smashed and the inside of the car was set alight.