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A perennial herb that contains coumarins—e.g., coumarin and umbelliferone, flavonoids, tannins, triterpenoids, and volatile oils. Lavender is said to have antibacterial, carminative and sedative effects
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Fez, Tanger y Alhucemas sobresalen con una porcion de opiniones positivas relativamente importante, el 42,4, el 42,2 y el 35,1 % respectivamente." (Affaya y Guerraoui, 2006: 129).
The Isla de Tierra belongs to the Spanish government, and is located near the Alhucemas archipelago near the Spanish territory of Melilla.
Delimita un ambito territorial preciso (el norte de Marruecos: region Tanger-Tetuan; region Taza, Alhucemas, Taounate; y region Oriental), estructurandose unos ejes prioritarios que poseen una optica integradora.
Valanzuela was a highly decorated and respected "Africanista" who had founded and commanded with conspicuous success the Regulares of Alhucemas. Franco also left at this time, requesting and receiving a posting back to his old unit, the Prince's Regiment at Oviedo.