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The process of measuring pain.
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(al″gom′ĕ-tĕr) [Gr. algos, pain + -meter]
An instrument for measuring the degree of sensitivity to pain.
algometry (ĕ-trē)
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The process of measuring pain.
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To compare the variables VAS, algometry, sleep quality and anxiety intergroups was used two-way ANOVA followed by the Tukey test post.
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Pressure algometry is used to assess the threshold and limit of this pain, since it is characterized as a painful sensation during contraction, stretching, and when pressure is placed on the exercised muscle (27,28).
(7.) Pontinen If Reliability, validity, reproducibility of algometry in diagnosis of active and latent tender spots and trigger points.
Pressure algometry has been shown to have good validity when assessed by pain and disability questionnaires (Goolkasian et al 2002, Wlodyka-Demaille et al 2002) and, since it assesses a different aspect of pain, may be warranted in addition to other measures.
This text represents a new approach by quantifying the diagnosis and outcome assessment of musculoskeletal pain by pressure algometry. Such quantitative studies are useful in daily practice of pain management as well as in research and medical documentation.
The PPT of the cervical muscles--scalenus, sternocleidomastoid (SCM), suboccipitals, upper and middle trapezius--was verified, bilaterally, by algometry. Each spot was compressed with an algometer twice, with an interval of three minutes between each time, and the mean of the values was calculated and registered [18].
Manual algometry is a safe and inexpensive method of clinically assessing tissue pain that can be easily utilized in most health care settings.
The criteria for inclusion were women with FM that were aged 20-60 years, a willingness to participate in the clinical examinations that included algometry, and sampling of blood by venipuncture, and a willingness to be interviewed about their pain and fatigue.
Ultrasonography as a tool for diagnosis, guidance of local steroid injection and, together with pressure algometry, monitoring of the treatment of athletes with chronic jumper's knee and Achilles tendinitis: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study.