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A carbohydrate product of a seaweed, Macrocystis pyrifera; used as a gel in pharmaceutical preparations.
Synonym(s): sodium alginate
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A gelatinous polysaccharide extract from brown algae and salt of alginic acid, which is a linear polymer of mannuronic and glucuronic acids, found in the cell walls of algae. It is widely used in processed foods and in medicinal, industrial and household products, including swabs, filters and fire retardants.

Laminaria spp and Macrocystis pyrifera; a chemically different version of algin is produced by the bacterium Azobacter vinelandii.
Alginate can be formulated with gypsum into a plaster like compound to take impressions for crown and bridgework.
Alginates are used as foam, clotting agents and gauze in absorbable surgical dressings and packing.
Wound care
Alginate dressings are derived from seaweed made of soft non-woven fibres, and are available as pads, ropes or ribbons. Alginate dressings are extremely lightweight, absorb many times their own weight, form a gel-like covering over the wound, and maintain a moist environment. They are best used for wounds with significant exudate.

Especially useful for packing exudative wounds; do not physically inhibit wound contraction as does gauze; highly absorbent.
Requires a secondary dressing; too drying if wound has little exudate.
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A carbohydrate product of a seaweed, Macrocystis pyrifera; used as a gel in pharmaceutical preparations.
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Spherification can also create gel-like "pearls" or "caviar." Coronado uses a syringe, pipette or a glass jar with a metal lid (typically used for red pepper flakes or parmesan cheese) to dispense a liquid mixture into the sodium algin bath, which then become small balls.
That said, consumers are price-sensitive, and not everyone wants to pay all the time for the organic title," Algin says.
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William Wilding received a patent for the use of algin as a dental impression material.
[13] Algin ve arkadaslari [10] yaptiklari calismada 996 hastanin 546 (%55)'sina peroperatif kolanjiyografi uygulamis, postoperatif donemde de %37-63 hastada sirtta ve trokar giris yerlerinde agn gorulmustur.
Letters: ABDEGILMNOPRSTUV Words: SLABS ETUDE BRUTS DURUM URBAN MUNGO ALIGN VOGIE SPIEL PEEVE STEPS MOVED Letters: ACDEGIKLMNOPRSTY [ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Words: MOPEY GLEDE REDYE TIGER STREP KNITS POCKS DRANK COMER LAREE EMYDE ALGIN Despite the large number of distinct letters, note that both of these solutions have a repeated consonant (S and R, respectively).
Uttam Nagar resident Algin Verghese studied in Class VIII of the Adarsh Public School.
All in all, it is a positively voyeuristic peek at what goes into the production of spaghetti consomme, "Venus rice jelly," goat's-milk yogurt nodules, apple "caviar," algin solution, and, of course, "airs"--the light foams with which Adria started a worldwide trend.
Adam Disick, another Triumph principal, says the Sessanta's developer, Algin Management, decided to put in the tennis court partially because the parcel the complex was built on "had a large swath of outdoor space" that needed to be part of the development under zoning regulations in order for the towers to be built high.
Other treatments with historical or theoretical uses that may address toxic exposure to heavy metals include adrenal extract, algin, arrowroot (Maranta arundinacea), blue flag (Iris versicolor), calamus (Acorus calamus), colloidal silver, copper, Essiac, ground ivy (Glechoma hederacea), liver extract, hydrotherapy, kudzu (Pueraria lobata), marshmallow (Althaea officinalis), melatonin, organic food, ozone therapy, reflexology, SAMe, spirulina, urine therapy, and vitamin C.