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Percy T., English physiologist, 1872-1967. See: Herring bodies.
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Declines in prey fishes such as alewife were likely due, in part, to decreases in plankton.
In the epilogue, the authors analyse the changed religious and political situations in northern England and discuss the 'after life' of civic ceremonial, emphasizing the long-standing tradition of the Chester Midsummer Show where vestiges of the suppressed plays with their guild associations survived in the shepherds walking on stilts and the famous 'afterlife' of the Chester Alewife.
the combined sewer overflows to the Alewife Brook will be reduced by 84 percent or 43.
17) The alewife is usually cast as the villain, having long been portrayed in literature as an exploitative temptress, her ruthless business streak often complementing lax morals.
Kornegay (1977) reported a similar agreement for Alewife from Albemarle Sound, but for Blueback Herring his agreement was approximately 68%.
Siduri, a divine alewife, tells the eponymous king of Uruk to "let your belly be full, your clothes clean, your body and head washed; enjoy yourself day and night, dance, sing and have fun; look upon the child who holds your hand, and let your wife delight in your lap
Daniel Lanigan, proprietor of Lord Hobo and partner in Alewife in Queens, NY.
The company's Lexington facility is the second facility to be approved by the EMA to make Vpriv after its Alewife facility in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
rotting alewife 222 CITY TALK II Line 4--I'm rotting
If they change the starting value of algae up or down by over 20 percent, their shrimp and alewife will be unlikely to survive the first five years.
Through all of the stories of cricket bites adopted ravens and alewife migrations runs a unifying question: how do we come to know nature and our place in it?