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Percy T., English physiologist, 1872-1967. See: Herring bodies.
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The alewife (Alosa pseudoharengus) and blueback herring (Alosa aestivalis), collectively called river herring, were once important target species of commercial and recreational fisheries along the Atlantic coast of the United States and Canada.
In the epilogue, the authors analyse the changed religious and political situations in northern England and discuss the 'after life' of civic ceremonial, emphasizing the long-standing tradition of the Chester Midsummer Show where vestiges of the suppressed plays with their guild associations survived in the shepherds walking on stilts and the famous 'afterlife' of the Chester Alewife. This tradition is in contrast to York's short lived secular interlude, written by a school master and sponsored by the city but without the involvement of the guilds.
But a handful of others-sea lamprey, alewife, round goby, quagga mussel, zebra mussel, Eurasian watermilfoil, spiny water flea, and rusty crayfish-have conducted an all-out assault on the Great Lakes and are winning the battle.
There are a few universally acknowledged and overpraised poetic high spots in the Bible like the Song of Songs (sex--yay!), the kvetchings of Job (a conservative tale about a stubborn rich man, with a Hollywood ending), the songs and sayings anthologies (dime a dozen), and Ecclesiastes, with its ancient carpe diem message (it is, in effect, an elaboration of the alewife's message to the wayfaring Gilgamesh a millennium and a half earlier), but as my penciled-in marginalia from Origin of the Brunists days repeatedly bewail, it is for the most part unbearable diatribe exhibiting an appalling and infantile view of the universe, and bottoming out with Revelation, a displaced Old Testament nightmare so over the top it's almost comical, like a laughable backyard horror movie.
The professor rolled his eyes when the word was uttered, surely signaling a folder of insufferable alewife poems sitting on top of a cabinet, the typed pages chortled over during tweedy faculty meetings.
Also, similar to this study, spottail shiner have been reported to consume fish eggs, including Alosa pseudoharengus (alewife) (Edsall, 1964) and eggs of their own species (Smith and Kramer, 1964).
Drifting almost any live menhaden, alewife, cigar minnow, Spanish sardine or a blue runner can be really effective.
Struzziery was chosen for his leadership of the Alewife Stormwater Wetland Project in Cambridge, MA, a public project lauded for applying natural, sustainable techniques to resolve a significant combined sewer overflow problem while restoring the area's natural hydrology, protecting and enhancing the local ecosystem, and creating new recreational and educational features for the community.
In response to concerns that the growing alewife population was harmful to smallmouth bass, the State of Maine ordered the closure of fishways on the Maine side of the river.
Forms explored include vituperative exchange, "alewife" poems, allegory, Juvenalian and Menippean satire, elegy, epitaph, and household ordinances; the traditions of Chaucerian and post-Chaucerian verse are also usefully mined.
A colourful cast of 'bad husbands' reform, repent, recant, or 'turn thrifty' in these ballads.(17) The alewife is usually cast as the villain, having long been portrayed in literature as an exploitative temptress, her ruthless business streak often complementing lax morals.(18) The narrator of The Countty Hostesses 1-indicatiHn, for instance, boasts brazenly that 'If Tap should faylll toollt go the Tail.(19) Two Pen ny-erorth qf Wit for a Penny has an alewife 'slabering and kissing';(20) while in The Heat)) Heart, and a Light Purse she entices one particularly wayward husband into her bed.(21) The alewife is grasping, sitting 'in pomp and state' at her customers' expense c4 Groatsworth of Good Counsel lbr a Penny).
Examples of reconstructions that have worked include a multiacre wetland behind the MBTA Alewife station at the Arlington/Cambridge border, and the area behind ForeKicks, a soccer complex, in Taunton.