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A compound derived from the reaction of an aldose with hydroxylamine, thus containing the aldoxime group -HC=NOH.
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The modified aldoxime was subsequently replaced by an unmodified aldoxime-ketoxime mixture with favorable results.
Today, the major manufacturers produce a range of second-generation extractants based on aldoximes that show far superior performance.
According to the literatures there are several methods of preparation nitriles by treating aldoximes with a variety of dehydrating agents such as rare earth metal ion exchanged (La3+, Ce3+, RE3+) KFAU-Y zeolitestrifluoroacetic[3],anhydride/triethylamine[4], benzenesulphenyl chloride[5], chlorosulphonyl isocyanate[6], iodotriethoxyphosphorane[7], spin-labeled phophoryl imidazolides[8], diphosphorus tetraiodide[9], selenium dioxide[10], triethylamine/sulphur dioxide complex[11], sulphuryl chloride fluoride[12] and the thermal decomposition of oxime carbonates at 110 oC[13], Ionic liquid-promoted dehydration of aldoximes[14], Cobalt(II) catalyzed[15].