aldol condensation

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al·dol con·den·sa·tion

formation of an aldol (a β-hydroxy carbonyl compound) from two carbonyl compounds; the reverse reaction is an aldol cleavage; fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase catalyzes such a reaction.
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based on a detailed kinetic study on the aldol condensation of acetone [6] and also the mass transfer parameters determined for the packing geometry in our distillation tower [7], we developed two rate based models to predict yield and selectivity for CD under steady state conditions [8, 9].
Modified Calcium Oxide as Stable Solid Base Catalyst for Aldol Condensation Reaction.
: Summary: The catalytic potential of chiral proline amides and pyridinium salts in the aldol condensation in water was investigated.
This book contains an introduction to biotransformation by both isolated enzymes and intact microorganisms, followed by a discussion of the reactions of biotransformation according to type: hydrolysis and condensation reactions applied to esters, amides, epoxides and nitriles; reduction of carbonyl and alkenic bonds; oxidation reactions including alcohol and aldehyde oxidations, Baeyer-Villiger oxidation, hydroxylation and epoxidation reactions, and oxidation at sulphur; and other biotransformations such as aldol condensations and O- and N-dealkylation reactions.