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al·dol con·den·sa·tion

formation of an aldol (a β-hydroxy carbonyl compound) from two carbonyl compounds; the reverse reaction is an aldol cleavage; fructose 1,6-bisphosphate aldolase catalyzes such a reaction.
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(ăl′dôl, -dōl)
1. A thick, colorless to pale yellow liquid obtained from acetaldehyde and used in perfumery and as a solvent.
2. A similar aldehyde containing the group CH3OH-CO-CHOH.
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Small effects of a variety of polymorphisms in various genes have been reported, at least in some studies, for example of the reninangiotensin pathway, peroxisome proliferator activated receptor gamma, endothelial nitric oxide, glucose transporter 1, aldol reductase, and apolipoprotein E.
0986--Influence Of Luminescent Compound Derivate Of Aldol Condensation In PVC Degradation
It will certainly be considered a drug if the natural phytochemical enrichment with flavonoids is designed to chelate and help eliminate lead from the bodies of school children or inhibit aldol reductase, the cataract- causing enzyme in the eyes of diabetics.
Later on, a one-pot synthesis of I was developed that included a combination of the aldol condensation and the Leuckart reaction.
Sodium pyruvate in the presence of p-dimethylaminobenzaldehyde (P-DMAB) solution and potassium hydroxide forms a bright yellowish solution due to the typical aldol condensation reaction given in Scheme 1.
The eight-step synthesis began with meta-anisaldehyde and included an aldol condensation, classic Bischler-Napieralski protocol to construct a dihydroisoquinoline, reduction and Eschweiler-Clarke N-methylation, Birch reduction, and then acid catalyzed hydrolysis and cyclization at room temperature to the end products.
The most important trends in thermal transformation of carbonyl compounds and esters are the reactions of hydration of esters, dehydrative condensation, aldol and ester condensations, and also desoxydation.
[8-10] In experimental models, the primacy of the polyol pathway in initiating neuropathy was proven by showing that the inhibition of aldol reductase prevents a reduction in tissue myoinositol content and a decrease in ATPase activity.
It is well known that some degradation of carboxylic acids occurs when aldehydic, oxo, or hydroxy acids are placed in a strong alkaline medium, especially if heated, because they can undergo the Cannizzaro reaction, an aldol condensation, or a dehydration, respectively (4,5).
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