aldobiuronic acid

al·do·bi·u·ron·ic ac·id

(al'dō-bī-yū-ron'ik as'id),
Condensation products of an aldose and a uronic acid; such groupings occur among the components of various mucopolysaccharides, notably hyaluronic acid.
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are called ulvans, which are highly charged sulfated polyelectrolytes composed mainly of rhamnose, uronic acid, and xylose as the main monomer sugars, as well as the common constituting disaccharides called aldobiuronic acids. Low proportions of galactose and glucose are also generally found in ulvans (Siddhanta et al., 2001; Satpati and Pal, 2011; Jiao et al., 2011; Holdt and Kraan, 2011).