The polyalcohol derived by reduction of an aldose; for example, sorbitol.
See also: aldose reductase.
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The released neutral sugars were converted to volatile alditol acetates prior to be analyzed by gas chromatography [14].
Alditol acetates of each polysaccharide hydrolysate were subjected to GC-MS analysis.
Hydrolysates were derivatized to the alditol acetates with acetic anhydride-pyridine (Albersheim et al, 1967) and analyzed by CGL using a capillary column Sp 2330 (Supelco) (30x0,25 mm) on a HP-5890 Gas Chromatograph equipped with a flame ionization detector (FID).
The resulting alditol acetates were analyzed on Agilent 7890A GC interfaced to a 5975C MSD, electron impact ionization mode.
Additional analysis was developed by GC-MS in order to obtain the monosaccharide composition, determined from their volatile alditol acetate derivatives.
Insoluble and soluble non-starch polysaccharides (NSPs) were analyzed by gas chromatography (VARIAN, CP-3800, Walnut Creek, CA, USA) as the alditol acetate derivatives of monosaccharide based on the method developed by Englyst and Hudson (1993), and Theander and Westerlund (1993).
A strong absorption band was determined at 1023 cm-1 that was a signal of C-O stretching.The results of GCMS analysis of the partially methylated alditol acetates showed that the EPS consisted of five methylated fragments with different molar ratios (Table 1).
A half mL of acetic anhydride was then added with continuously heating and the alditol acetate derivative was analyzed by using a GC-MS.
Strain specificity is undoubtedly linked to the variability and biochemical complexity of lactobacilli ligands and MAMPs as seen in the substitution levels of TAs, the variable backbone alditol compositions of the WTA, and the modifications of the PG of the cell wall [153].
Kogel-Knabner, "Analysis of hydrolysable neutral sugars in mineral soils: improvement of alditol acetylation for gas chromatographic separation and measurement," Organic Geochemistry, vol.
Secondly, it was established that the lipid was alkali stable and on acid hydrolysis yielded two major sugars, tentatively identified by comparative gas chromatography (GC) as the alditol acetates of the 6-deoxyhexoses, 3,4-di-O-methylrhamnose and 2,3-di-O-methylfucose.