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Albert von, Swiss hematologist, 1888-1951. See: Alder anomaly, Alder bodies.
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Although alder tree forests are frequent and easily found and recorded, ash tree forests have until recently been much rarer and, consequently, little known.
The term for the alder tree (Alnus), however, may have originated in the special feature and function of the tree as a colouring plant.
Figures 16 and 17 show the MOE values for the top and bottom of the alder tree sections.
Our black alder tree reveals this woodpecker activity.
ALDER HAYMAN: A painting by the artist Alan Hayman, signed and dated Alan B Hayman Jay/ Alder Tree '85
Leaning against an alder tree 20 feet above the muddy ground, I let my mind go blank.
Application ref: R/2011/0559 / TR Date received: 29/07/2011 Address: Land at Mallinson Park, Flatts Lane, Normanby Proposal: Crown lift; crown clean and remove all deadwood eight oak trees; two sycamore trees; one beech tree and one alder tree ( l/tpo 03/2010 and l/tpo 05/2010)
One of those waiting for power Tuesday was John Stevens, whose car was just missed by a big alder tree brought down by the sloppy snow.
Silviculture management now is aiming at a 20- to 25-year growth cycle, compared with the present 35 to 50 years to get a merchantable alder tree," he says.
There have been cakes on his birthday and Jilf, David and Gussie planted an alder tree for Primo at the Wildflower Centre and there's a special stone for him there too.
I caught my fly - no not in a fish but in an alder tree behind me and when I went looking for it I saw a chaffinch on a nest sitting tight.
slender trunk of a fallen alder tree wedged between rocks whipped