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Francesco Piani (President of the European School of Alcohology, Italy), Prof.
Ovidiu Alexinschi, ACAR programs coordinator, pointed out succinctly in his speech 10 years of activities by carrying out the recovery of more than 500 alcohol-related problems families and 10 clubs for alcoholics in territory development of a Rehabilitation Center Iasi or opening of a new rehabilitation center for women in Roman and future plans to extend the network of Clubs through the training of specialists in the forum methodological North-East in an internationally certified course with support from the European School of Alcohology, Institute "Socola" and foreign academic partners.
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This issue of Contemporary Drug Problems is about a study generated by a research problem posed by a few Italian alcohology experts in the 1990s, who were concerned with what could be the best alcohol prevention practices in Italy.
After the year 1989, the city of Iasi hosted there national psychiatry congresses (2000, 2003, 2005), a series of national conferences with international participation during the "Socola" Hospital days, the 9th International Congress Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry "The Bio-Psycho-Social Approach in Psychiatry" (2006), and the European Alcohology Conference (2007).
Clubs dealing with training and continuous training of families, organizing courses on topics such as alcohol and drugs in general and risk relapse--that is the multidimensionality of human suffering caused by alcohol, spirituality, anthropology, alcohol and peace core courses on alcohology etc.
Mary of the Divine Providence, "Socola" Hospital Psychiatric Iasi and other non-governmental organizations in Romania and abroad, in partnership with the European School of Scientific and Ecological Alcohology and Psychiatry.
The third group, health advocates (6), includes people who, in terms of professional qualifications, of personal involvement in alcohol problems, or as members of voluntary groups are interested in alcohol-problem prevention and recovery: a Member of Parliament who is the promoter of a bill on treatment and prevention of alcoholism, two former alcoholics, a member of a consumers' association, a doctor, the secretary of the Italian Society of Alcohology (SIA), and a leader of a public opinion group (Groups for Solidarity).
The monthly journal "Sobriety" (which I used here as an information source on sobriety movements) played the role of a medium of public opinion formation, and it co-organized, on a yearly basis, courses on alcohology, where several thousand sobriety activists were trained.