alcohol consumption

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alcohol consumption

Public health Moderate alcohol consumption–1-2 drinks/day is associated with ↓ cardiovascular mortality–RR = 0.5, and an improved lipid profile, due to ↑ HDL2 and HDL3; there is a direct positive association between alcohol consumption and plasma levels of endogenous tissue-type plaminogen activator–tPA, which averages 10.9 ng/mL for those who consume alcohol daily, 9.7 ng/mL–wkly 9.1 ng/mL–monthly and 8.1 ng/mL–never; these data suggest that changes in the fibrinolytic potential may be a mechanism whereby alcohol consumption ↓ the risk of cardiovascular disease; moderate AC is associated with ↓ mortality in ♀, in particular those at ↑ risk for CAD
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Q. If someone is a recovering alcoholic, should he refrain from alcohol consumption in food as well? I mean, can he eat a cake or a sauce which has alcohol in it?

A. I love to here storys like that lixuri, keep up the good work--my mother/father liked to party when i was young,-im52yrs old now but my sister died because of parents being drunk and using drugs. but i agree that alcohol is not the real problem, it the people who put it on the market-they make videos with young people drinking on television--thay make banners showing people having a good time,with cigarettes. but where is the warning material letting young people know that alcohol is a drug,an cause seriouse side effects if not used the right way--I throught that our government was suppose to look out for us.there is something very wrong with this picture--young people are most in danger of becomming addicted--if that doesnt get you depressed i dont know what will------mrfoot56

Q. Why do alcoholic people always failed to realize that cutting with the drinks is out of their capabilities after they are beyond the tipping point of just drinking bears and having fun to the point of being addictive to it ... i mean i see it all the time .. what cause this incapability of facing the truth ?

A. DENIAL that they have a problem,most addicts that have accepted the fact that they are powerless over there addition -donot have to think twice about it--very simply put an addict/alcoholic is a man/womam whose life is controlled by drugs/alcohol--they are people in the grip of a continuing and progressive illness whose ends are always thesame--jails/institutions and death.---accepting this is very hard for most people---people cant believe that they donot have control of ther life----all they have to do is find a AA/NA meeting an sit in as a guest,listen to ther storys---mrfoot56

Q. Did you wait until you were at a "legal" to drink alcohol? I have seen each and everyone saying that youth should wait until 18 years to drink alcohol. Did you wait until you were at a "legal" to drink alcohol?

A. HI I had the same exsperiance,when i was young,around your age--My father was a alcoholic-an he hid alcohol around the house,in the garage.He was from north carolina(USA).and back then people used to make their own alcohol from-CORN-out on the farm,I found some of it in the garage one day while working on my car and tried it(that was the wrong thing to do)because corn alcohol is 100% pure-just a little bit will make you drunk-I never did that again,It took me 2days to get over the hangover.THANK GOD I AM NOT AN ALCOHOLIC-but there are alot of people who tried alcohol-ONE TIME-and liked it so much that they became addicted to it.When i was in my teens i drank alcohol at partys,but not that much,because i knew what my father was going through--if you are going to drink-be responsable-DONT DRINK UNTIL YOU ARE DRUNK---DONT DRINK AND DRIVE,when you go out to a party,take a friend that doesnt drink(if possable)-AND PLEASE DONT BINGE DRINK,YOUNG PEOPLE DIE FROM THAT BECAUSE THAT BODY IS NOT U

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While moderate alcohol consumption is often considered a benign part of a healthy lifestyle, a recent study suggests that quitting alcohol altogether might be an even healthier choice.
19, 2019 (HealthDay News) -- Alcohol consumption during pregnancy is associated with a dose-dependent increase in miscarriage risk, according to a review published in the August issue of Alcoholism: Clinical & Experimental Research.
The DOH said reports and studies on alcohol strongly recommend implementation of aggressive public policies for the reduction of alcohol consumption, including increasing taxes to make these products less affordable and accessible, especially to the youth.
Summary: New Delhi [India], July 31 (ANI): Women should not take their midwives' and nurses' advice on alcohol consumption seriously during pregnancy as a recent study has revealed that they underestimate the threat of prenatal alcohol use.
The study was published in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs last week and focussed on how the people in the U.S are affected by alcohol consumption of other people.
Abusive alcohol consumption by youth is one of the main public health problems in Spain (National Plan on Drugs, 2017) and in Europe (European Council, 2017).
The prevalence of alcohol is undeniable, and many drinkers seem unfazed by the short- and long-term effects of alcohol consumption. While drinking in moderation may not necessarily prove harmful, the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism notes that excessive alcohol consumption, whether it's on a single occasion or over time, can take a serious toll on various areas of the body.
Alcohol consumption has increased since 1992 with the only exception in 2008 when it declined slightly.
Excessive alcohol consumption and dependence is an important public health problem because of its physical, psychological, and social repercussions.
Worldwide, it is estimated that the harmful use of alcohol contributes to 5.9% of all deaths and it is estimated that more than 200 diseases and injury conditions are directly or indirectly implicated in alcohol consumption. [1] In recent years, India has experienced, a steep rise in the number of bars and restaurants proportionately increasing the percentage of alcohol consumers as well.
Health advocates slammed the approval by a House committee of a 'minimal increase' in alcohol tax, which they said would not help address the adverse effects of alcohol consumption and will deprive the government of crucial funding for a pending universal health care bill in Congress.

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