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A hydrogel, with alcohol instead of water as the dispersion medium.
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Results of monitoring behavior of the Ch/IA/MAA alcogel exposed to scC[O.sub.2] are presented in Fig.
Volume and color changes due to transformation of the hydrogel to alcogel and further to XG and scG120M are shown in Fig.
Appearance of the: a) hydrogel, b) alcogel, c) gel scG120M, d) Xerogel.
The gels were prepared by free radical copolymerization of methacrylic and itaconic acid in the presence of chitosan [39] and were converted to the alcogels. The effect of drying method and scC[O.sub.2] drying conditions on the gels' morphology, crystallinity, mechanical properties, swelling behavior and impregnation with thymol was analysed to testify a potential use of these gels in topical applications.
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(2000) have produced 2 types of zirconia (Zr[(OH).sub.4]) supports; a) by a wet impregnation route and b) by an alcogel technique.
Referring to her allegations regarding the Alcogel, she said: "They said they had done it because she was screaming 'mum' and 'help', to make her shut up.
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The Zn-Cu alcogels were light blue in color as shown in Figure 1.