inherited albumin variants

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in·her·it·ed al·bu·min var·i·ants

types of human serum albumin, distinguished by characteristic mobility patterns on electrophoresis; each type is due to a mutation of a gene controlling albumin synthesis; the mutant genes are codominant with the normal gene for albumin A, and the group forms a system of genetic polymorphism; types include: albumin b (slow), found occasionally in persons of European ancestry; albumin Ghent (fast), found first at Ghent, Belgium; albumin Mexico (slow), found in Indians of Mexico and the southwestern United States; albumin Naskapi (fast), found in the Naskapi and other Indians of northern North America; and albumin Reading (fast), found first at Reading, England.
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Albumin Naskapi is identical to albumin Mersin, which has been detected in polymorphic frequency in Eti Turks of southeastern Turkey (10).
Albumin Naskapi variant in North American Indians and Eti Turks.