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1. Resembling boiled egg white.
2. Relating to any tunica albuginea.
[L. albugineus, fr. albugo, white spot]
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(al?byu-jin'e-a) [L. albugo, stem albugin-, white spot, eye disease]
A layer of firm white fibrous tissue forming the sheath of an organ or part, as of the eye, testicle, ovary, or spleen. albugineous (-jin'e-us), adjective Synonym: tunica albuginea

albuginea corporum cavernosorum

A strong elastic white fibrous sheath of both corpora cavernosa of the penis.

albuginea oculi

The sclera.

albuginea ovarii

The layer of dense connective tissue lying beneath the epithelial ovarian covering.

albuginea testis

The thick, unyielding layer of white fibrous tissue lying under the tunica vaginalis.
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