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large sea bird that figures prominently in Coleridge's poem, "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner."
Albatross syndrome - Synonym(s): Münchausen syndrome
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"'Albatross' is a powerful film that's a metaphor for our current environmental crisis and a warning to us all," said Linda MacCammon, of the religious studies department.
The results suggest that changes in population size and structure are driven by the combined effects of climate over various seasons, multiple functional traits and demographic processes across the full life cycle of black-browed albatross.
EXCLUSIVE BY NADA FARHOUD Consumer Features Editor SHOCKING images show two young dead albatrosses, while the plastic that killed them glints in their rotted stomachs.
'The Royal Albatross is a product of Filipino craftsmanship and artistry who meticulously toiled in transforming the yacht to achieve its pirate-inspired look.
The unlimited symbolic possibilities of the albatross testify not only to the richness of the symbol but the flexibility of its contextual variety.
With albatross listed as one of the world's most threatened seabird groups (17 of the 22 species are endangered or threatened), analysis of their diet can inform conservation and management strategies as well as provide an insight into the status of the broader marine ecosystem.
It was her first albatross and followed her first hole in one during a friendly match at her home club Whitley Bay earlier this season against her mother Gina, an operations director in the IT industry.
An adult Light-mantled Albatross was found in 29 April 2014 at 08:45 min, at Vilatur beach (22[degrees] 56' S; 42[degrees] 26' O), municipality of Saquarema, Rio de Janeiro.
There was also a special video message for Dettori recorded by top golfer Lee Westwood, who is among the founder members of the Albatross Club, which specialises in syndicated racehorse ownership.
In light of the genomic similarity of these 2 viruses, we suggest that the species name Albatross Island virus encompass both isolates, ABIV and HIGV, thereby representing the name of the original 1983 isolate and the location where both viruses were isolated.