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al·a·nyl (A),

The acyl radical of alanine.


The acyl radical of alanine.
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Assays were carried out for the following enzymes, with the corresponding reaction mixtures for each enzyme given below: Alanyl aminopeptidase: 50 mM Tris-acetate buffer pH 7.
Of cytoplasmic proteases, activites of alanyl aminopeptidase (84 nmol/h/mg protein) and dipeptidyl aminopeptidase IV (29 nmol/h/mg protein) were highest in the gut followed by head (68 and 23 nmol/h/mg protein, respectively) than all other body compartments of P.
Thus alanyl aminopeptidase, arginyl aminopepetidase, leucyl aminopepetidase, dipepetidyl aminopeptidase IV, tripeptidyl aminopeptidase and proline endopeptidase were increased by 72%, 78%, 49%, 178%, 109% and 19%, respectively.
Thus the head contained highest concentrations of arginyl aminopeptidase, leucyl aminopeptidase, tripeptidyl aminopeptidase, proline endopeptidase, and cathepsin D, while the gut contained highest levels of all lysosomal proteases tested in this study (except cathepsin D, which was highest in the thorax part) as well as alanyl aminopeptidase and dipeptidyl aminopeptidase IV out of cytoplasmic proteases.
Consequently, the N-terminal lysyl and the alanyl residue in position 4 constitute an essential part of the antiserum epitope, whereas residues 7-10 are of only moderate importance for antibody binding.
Lot 6 - Alanyl Glutamine 200 mg / ml, 100 ml of conc.