ala cinerea

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va·gal (nerve) tri·gone

a prominence in the floor of the inferior fovea of the fourth ventricle that overlies the dorsal motor nucleus of the vagus.

ala cinerea

the triangular area on the floor of the brain's fourth ventricle from which the autonomic fibers of the vagus nerve arise.

ala cinerea

Gray triangular prominence on the floor of the fourth ventricle. The autonomic fibers of the vagus nerve arise from the cells of the nucleus of this area. Also called triangle of the vagus nerve and trigonum nervi vagi.
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pl. alae [L.] a winglike process, e.g. the cervical and caudal alae of nematodes; the wing-like structures at the esophageal and tail regions of the worm.

ala cinerea
an area on the floor of the 4th ventricle; the trigonum nervus vagi of the medulla oblongata.
ala lobuli centralis
a lobule of the rostral part of the cerebellar hemispheres that extends from the vermis.
ala nasi
the wing of the nose; the cartilaginous flap on the outer side of either nostril.
ala ossis illium
wing of the ilium.
sacral ala
the lateral parts of the base of the sacrum which carry the articular surfaces for the ilium and the transverse processes of the last lumbar vertebra.
ala spuria
the alula.