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akashi (ä·kä·shē),

n a Japanese term for an acupuncture diagnosis achieved by thoroughly examining and interviewing a patient.
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Akashi, a graduate of Otis College of Art and Design and the University of Southern California and an LA native, seems drawn to a site- specific eschatology of earthquake and heat wave, with her choices of material admitting corporeal precarity within the aspirant safety of the white cube.
Akashi said that in addition to working on domestic issues, "Prime Minister Abe also makes sure that Japan has good friends outside the country.
Table-1: Characteristics of the included studies 1 Study Lin Chang (2004) Nagaya (2001) Akashi (2009) Country China Japan Germany Sample Size 47 57 49 Trial Period 2 days 21 days 28 days Study Akashi (2009) Daryl (2012) Zhang (2013) Country Germany New Zealand China Sample Size 54 36 36 Trial Period 28 days 14 days Study Jian Ping Xu (2010) Country China Sample Size 24 Trial Period Study Population Lin Chang (2004) Male Sprague Dawley rats; Wt: 200-250 g; Age: 10 to 12 weeks Nagaya (2001) Male Wistar rats; Wt: 200 to 240 g Akashi (2009) Male Sprague-Dawley rats; Wt:215 -235 g; (mean 226.
Seiko has been in the Middle Eastern market for 50 years and the region contributes about 10 per cent of its global sales, according to Akashi.
Akashi used a Chinese seal with the symbols that depict 'Freedom' and firmly opted to use black cinnabar paste to honor the South African hero's struggle against apartheid.
Akashi said at a news briefing that in his meeting with Rajapaksa earlier in the day, he told him that Japan is "willing to assist in the efforts to develop the relationship between Sri Lanka and the international community.
In a news briefing, Akashi said he told Rajapaksa that Japan is 'willing to assist in the efforts to develop the relationship between Sri Lanka and the international community'.
Binali Yildirim said Japan had completed the construction of Akashi bridge in ten years, and Kobe was hit by a massive earthquake during the construction.
Japanese peace envoy Yashushi Akashi, who is on his 20th trip to Sri Lanka, said the international community should not dwell on the past.
Yasushi Akashi, an envoy sent by Japan, Sri Lanka's main foreign donor, ended a three-day visit to the country on Saturday.
Meanwhile, Japanese envoy Yasushi Akashi will begin a three-day visit to Sri Lanka tomorrow to discuss the "current situation of the peace process and its future.