airborne contaminants

airborne contaminants, materials in the atmosphere that can affect the health of persons in the same or a nearby environment. Also referred to as
air pollution.
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Coulson Ice Blast provides the same benefits as existing technologies with negligible airborne contaminants, no additional media, and zero chemicals.
They're built for optimal performance within an operating temperature range of 20F to 150F and can help seal warmth within a working area while also offering protection against airborne contaminants.
It is advisable for those who are sneeze prone and others to wear surgical facemask to protect inhalation of airborne contaminants.
We will create and symbiotically use natural eco-materials for healthier indoor environments through hygrothermal (heat and moisture) regulation and the removal airborne contaminants through both chemical capture and photocatalysis.
Designed with an integrated filter media from 3M, AirWare's nasal inserts are designed to trap airborne contaminants and prevent them from entering the body through the nasal passage.
The system also performs multiple interdependent functions including ventilation, pressurization, and filtration which affect distribution of airborne contaminants in buildings.
Harbin, a frigid northeastern city of 11 million people, virtually ground to a halt on Monday when a pollution index showed airborne contaminants at around 50 times the levels recommended by the World Health Organisation.
Blown film extrusion plants can now reduce airborne contaminants by as much as 80% with a patented Saturn Evacuation System (SES) and extend cleanings from every six weeks to quarterly, or longer, according to the company.
Future Design, a specialist in air ring technology, has launched a new system that it says can reduce airborne contaminants by as much as 80 percent in blown film extrusion plants and extend the need for cleanings from every six weeks to quarterly, or longer.
The PCH Series of portable dust collection systems provides source-point collection of airborne contaminants and prevents contaminants from migrating throughout the facility to settle on equipment and fixtures, contaminate product, or present physical hazards to personnel.
Teesside has had its share of industrial airborne contaminants for many decades but this is unacceptable for the 21st century and the only solution is to close the plant.
Lee Darton, General Manager (Products) at Flextraction said: "Section 106 of the Health and Safety Document - Controlling Airborne Contaminants at Work (HSG 258) states: 'Employees need an airflow indicator at every hood because the operator needs some simple indication that the hood is working properly.

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