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(āŕbōrn, ārbōrn)
Carried by air.
[air, fr. M.E., fr. O.Fr., fr. L., fr. G. aēr + borne, pp. fr. bear, fr. O.E. beren, fr. O.E. beran]
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SMi Group are pleased to announce that Horizon Technologies will be sponsoring the upcoming Airborne ISR 2019 Conference and John Beckner will be presenting an exclusive briefing on the FlyingFish on Day Two of the event.
"It was a sneak preview of our new building which should be ready next summer, dedicated to the Airborne Forces who are often forgotten."
The concentration of total airborne bacteria was determined by adding the number of colonies cultured from all the stages and was represented with corrected value.
With his experience, he is well positioned to lead the development and qualification work of the TCP Riser, and develop the Brazilian market, which is a strategic market for Airborne Oil & Gas.
Turning ground-based missiles to air-based missiles and enjoying the best fire-and-forget missiles are among other achievements of the Army Airborne Unit," he added.
Subordinate units of the 20th Support Command, including the 21st Chemical Company, conducted joint training with the 82d Airborne Division to demonstrate CBRN capabilities in support of the maneuver unit global response force mission.
In April 2016, Company B, 54th BEB, was tasked with FLS clearance and crater repair in support of the 173d Airborne Brigade JFE exercise, Saber Junction 16.
The memorial commemorates airborne servicemen and women who have lost their lives in both historic and modern day con-flicts.
ABNSOTD is located at Fort Bragg, N.C., and is the sole test directorate within the DoD that performs test and evaluation of airborne equipment.
This new joint venture benefits from Eclipse's strong history of provisioning airborne satellite communications solutions in combination with NSSLGlobal's extensive partner network and infrastructure, making AEROSATCOM an immediate contender when considering airborne satellite communications.
The Russian Airborne Forces expect to receive 80 combat vehicles by the end of 2015, Commander of the Airborne Forces Col.
The success of the German Fallschirmjager ("Parachute Hunter") units early in the war--particularly glider operations against the Dutch and a stunning victory over Belgian forces at the seemingly impregnable Fort Eben-Emael in May 1940--sent notice to the United States about the usefulness of airborne troops.