air-powder polisher

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air-pow·der pol·ish·er

(ār-pow'dĕr pol'ish-ĕr)
Air-powered device combining air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of abrasive through the handpiece nozzle to roughen or polish a tooth surface, depending on coarseness of agent.
Synonym(s): air abrasive, air polishing, air-powered abrasive, airbrasive.
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Clemco[R] manufactures air-powered abrasive blast equipment providing innovative, high-performance cleaning and finishing solutions to industry worldwide.
Air-powered abrasive blast systems are used across myriad industries for manufacturing, re-manufacturing, maintenance, and repair.
Clemco Industries Corp[R], is a manufacturer with full-engineering capabilities for designing and building air-powered abrasive blast systems to help its customers achieve their production and quality goals.