air-powder polisher

(redirected from air polishing)

air-pow·der pol·ish·er

(ār-pow'dĕr pol'ish-ĕr)
Air-powered device combining air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of abrasive through the handpiece nozzle to roughen or polish a tooth surface, depending on coarseness of agent.
Synonym(s): air abrasive, air polishing, air-powered abrasive, airbrasive.
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Qty-As Per Annexure, 3) Dental Air Polishing Unit With Polishing Powder (24 X 180 Gms) Bottles Unit 4) Dental Light Curing Portable Unit Cordless.
The protocol brings together Hu-Friedy EMS Piezon[R] power scaling products with the Hu-Friedy EMS AIR-FLOW[R] family of air polishing products for supra and subgingival biofilm and stain removal.
With nicotine staining, air polishing is fantastic and highly effective.
for air polishing and air abrasion in dental procedures.
Ease of use compared to existing air polishing powders;
teeth, opening up air polishing to a wider audience and consequently offering
unfilled, etc) Step 3 Remove plaque and/or debris from tooth (pumice polishing with occlusal brush, air polishing *, or air abrasion *) Step 4 Rinse all polishing material from tooth Step 5 Isolate tooth with cotton rolls, Dri-Angles(tm) or Dry-Tips(tm) (If dental dam isolation is used, place the dam prior to polishing.
He was responsible for the launching of the company's Caulk Endodontics line and for the successful repositioning of its Cavitron ultrasonic scaling and air polishing line.
Subgingival debridement efficacy of glycine powder air polishing.
16) A physician consultation is recommended as a precaution for patients with severe respiratory disease before using an ultrasonic system for air polishing.
As a precaution, air polishing should be avoided in patients with severe COPD.
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