air-powder polisher

(redirected from air polishing)

air-pow·der pol·ish·er

(ār-pow'dĕr pol'ish-ĕr)
Air-powered device combining air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of abrasive through the handpiece nozzle to roughen or polish a tooth surface, depending on coarseness of agent.
Synonym(s): air abrasive, air polishing, air-powered abrasive, airbrasive.
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CHICAGO (June 20, 2016) -- Hu-Friedy, a global leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments and products, today announces the newest addition to the Hu-Friedy EMS air polishing line, the AIR-FLOW[R] Handy 3.0 PREMIUM.
Its offers equipment such as abrasive, air abrasion, air polishing, dust confinement, C-saw, micro etching and tin plating equipment, as well as dental materials.
Coarse abrasive polishing pastes, flour or pumice for polishing, are contraindicated, as is air polishing [36, 37].
With nicotine staining, air polishing is fantastic and highly effective.
unfilled, etc) Step 3 Remove plaque and/or debris from tooth (pumice polishing with occlusal brush, air polishing *, or air abrasion *) Step 4 Rinse all polishing material from tooth Step 5 Isolate tooth with cotton rolls, Dri-Angles(tm) or Dry-Tips(tm) (If dental dam isolation is used, place the dam prior to polishing.) Step 6 Dry tooth and apply acid etch gel or liquid for manufacturer's recommended time Step 7 Rinse tooth well, remove isolation materials and replace with dry ones.