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To examine the effect of the LES-AB conditions, the air flow rate (5, 10, 15, and 20 NL [min.
Distribution scheme for the measuringpoints of airflow rate: 1--half-rings of a different diameter; 2--segmental spaces; 3--airflow outlet from the second level; 4--airflow outlet from the first level; 5--measuring point of air inlet rate; 6--measuring point of air flow rate in the channels of the cyclone
v] is the supply air flow rate, L/s, [rho] is air density, 1.
The high percentages for Zones A and B are a result of the low supply air flow rates that these zones receive; the actual interzonal flow rates are not particularly high.
In the present study, the liquid supply pressure was kept constant and the air flow rate through the atomizer was varied over a range of air supply pressure to obtain the variation in ALR.
From the results displayed on Table 4, it can be seen that the unit achieved its maximum efficiency at lower air flow rates (158 CFM or 268.
The range of models available cover air flow rates from 17 to 1050 litres/min.
Also, a higher amount of the epoxy is transferred from the shot tube to the pipe under higher air flow rates leading to the formation of thicker epoxy layers.
It offers a choice of two continuous air flow rates based on the size of the transfer mattress being used.
Proflow[R] II vent filters are designed with over 9 square feet of PTFE membrane to allow maximum air flow rates for a wide variety of venting applications.
To simplify specification and handling, systems are available in standard sizes for air flow rates from 12,000 to 96,000 cfm.
dust collection - air flow rates, especially over the muller, can cool the sand.