air-powder polisher

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air-pow·der pol·ish·er

(ār-pow'dĕr pol'ish-ĕr)
Air-powered device combining air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of abrasive through the handpiece nozzle to roughen or polish a tooth surface, depending on coarseness of agent.
Synonym(s): air abrasive, air polishing, air-powered abrasive, airbrasive.
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Air abrasive methods are suited for restorations with current bonded resin materials and well into a philosophy of tooth conservation and improve the longevity of restoration.
Robert Black, who actually invented and unsuccessfully introduced the first air abrasive machine in the 1950's.
Essentially this equation underscores the fact that the cutting capability of air abrasive is attributable to the energy of mass in motion unlike conventional mechanical methods that depend on friction.
Air abrasive units allow the clinician to focus a stream of aluminum oxide particles on a specific area of the tooth.
Class--II Cavity preparation--Soft materials such as carious dentin or moist and resilient decayed dentin cannot be abraded effectively with air abrasive unit.
Air abrasive microdentistry: a new perspective on restorative dentistry.
The basic concept behind Turbo-Finish equipment is the placement of a rotating component or workpiece in a low-speed air abrasive stream.
CRC also supplied an air abrasive blast system for a closed recoverable grit blast.
The self-propelled, air abrasive blast clamp sat directly on the pipe with a weight of 6,500 pounds Excessive rainfall caused concern that the ditch could give way under this extreme weight.
"First, we used the best mechanical preparation of the specimen possible, which entails the finest needles and air abrasives under a microscope," Sereno said.