air-powder polisher

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air-pow·der pol·ish·er

(ār-pow'dĕr pol'ish-ĕr)
Air-powered device combining air and water pressure to deliver a controlled stream of abrasive through the handpiece nozzle to roughen or polish a tooth surface, depending on coarseness of agent.
Synonym(s): air abrasive, air polishing, air-powered abrasive, airbrasive.
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Air abrasive methods are suited for restorations with current bonded resin materials and well into a philosophy of tooth conservation and improve the longevity of restoration.
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The basic concept behind Turbo-Finish equipment is the placement of a rotating component or workpiece in a low-speed air abrasive stream.
CRC also supplied an air abrasive blast system for a closed recoverable grit blast.
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American Dental's primary products are air abrasive kinetic cavity preparation systems, high-speed curing light and automated periodontal probing and pulsed dental lasers, primarily the PulseMaster models, which are developed and manufactured at its manufacturing facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.
recognized our patent position and voluntarily sought a license for their air abrasive product.
With our air abrasive products in their fifth year of the product acceptance curve and only 4% of the North American market penetrated, we anticipate continuing growth in our key market.
27, 1997--American Dental Technologies (NASDAQ:ADLI) announced today that it has agreed to grant a non-exclusive license of its air abrasive patents to Danville Engineering of San Ramon, CA.
In its newly certified facility, the company manufactures its KCP line of dental air abrasive products, PulseMaster dental lasers, Plasma Arc Curing (PAC) high speed curing lights, and industrial air abrasive products.