aid station

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Aid Station

A first aid post or centre—established by the medical arm of an army along the route of evacuation from a combat area—to which the wounded are brought; i.e. a wound dressing station or a first aid station. The wounded are given first aid and triaged according to their injuries; those needing further care are prepared for transportation to the rear.
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aid station

A temporary or portable health care facility used in the military or at public gatherings or events to assess, stabilize, and triage the sick or the injured.
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It was a somber time in the aid station. We didn't save Safi.
In most of the aid stations, I worked with surgeons in treating the sick and the wounded.
On another screen there was a news feed showing the bombed aid station. "One extraordinary feature of this incident," a commentator was saying, "was the prompt response by emergency personnel.
Although Mom Village is the third largest town on the island, with about 3,500 residents, they nevertheless had to travel more than 10 kilometers--usually on foot--to reach the nearest aid station before the new post was built.
"Ben ran out of the tent to get help to defend the aid station. He quickly saw that the situation was hopeless.
their sea crossing, the NGO Migrant Offshore Aid Station said, according to dpa.
And in what's bound to be the cutest aspect of the fair, there's the Teddy Bear First Aid Station, where kids can bring their stuffed animals and learn a few first aid techniques from nurses.
The Nurse of the Day has the opportunity to visit with legislators, attend various committee meetings and assist in the First Aid station at the Capitol.
As a community health and daily living destination, our stores can also serve as a convenient and centralized aid station during crisis situations."
Upon arrival, C Company established the brigade level II aid station, which was colocated with the brigade headquarters, and the battalion level I aid station and brigade medical supply office, which were colocated with the battalion.
Revamping of Shoubra El Kheima first aid station in Kalioubiya.

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