Aha! Phenomenon

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A flash of insight related to a problem—e.g., integration of a complex set of data—which may result in a solution to the problem
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When a rodent figured out the new system, its aha moment could be seen as a change in brain activity.
The aha moment was leveraging the knowledge of a brand [into a successful venture].
Mutual of Omaha's aha moment tour is returning to cities across America to collect more real aha moments from real people.
Many of the individuals featured in the aha moment spots strategically used social networking sites, especially Facebook and Twitter, to encourage others to vote for them.
Mutual of Omaha kicked off its sponsorship of the aha moment in February, 2009 with a national advertising campaign, a Web site devoted to aha moments, and a Facebook community.
Additionally, appointments to share an aha moment will soon be available via the campaign website.
Beginning in May, the aha moment tour's unique mobile television studio will visit 25 cities throughout the country to chronicle individuals' aha moments and upload them to ahamoment.
The online survey started with an initial round of voting, which was held October 1-15 and featured 75 aha moments selected from more than 1,000 moments recorded during this year's four-month Aha Moment Tour.
Then, we had an Aha moment and called Vonage in New Jersey and asked for help.
We want everyone across the country to participate in the aha moment experience by voting for the moments that touch them the most.
The best advice is to keep a sharp memory of events in order to fully appreciate the aha moments Halloran eventually shares.
It's a good refresher for self-examination, it will provide a few aha moments and it's a good representation of Christensen's value system and personal life.