Aha! Phenomenon

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A flash of insight related to a problem—e.g., integration of a complex set of data—which may result in a solution to the problem
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The microphone picked up fishlike sounds from inside or beside the chamber, which gave the team "an aha moment," says coauthor Erica Staaterman, also at Miami.
This, in turn, led to an "aha moment" concerning our spiritual culture and renewal.
Hamilton's "aha moment" came in a conversation with a friend who worked for the Gates Foundation's global health initiative.
Among the company's other additions this year, including online at Merriam-Webster.com, and various apps are Oprah-inspired "aha moment", \Stephen King-popularised earworm, as in that truly torturous tune you can't get out of your head, and man cave, brain cramp and bucket list.
To convince punters to part with their cash, gaming guru Joe Minton said Nintendo must produce an "aha moment" - similar to the first Wii launched in 2006, which eventually sold 95 million units, one of the most successful videogame products ever.
Epiphanies, like those found in James Joyce's Dubliners and Harper Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, provide good examples of what some call an "aha moment".
7 Whose production company reached an amicable settlement with US insurance firm Mutual of Omaha over rights to the phrase 'aha moment' in November 2009?
Almost every piece gave me an aha moment at the same time that it underscored and expanded my being, my soul.
EDT, entitled "Top 10 Licensing Metrics That Matter To Your CEO." Schwartzkopf, Scott and Raugust will discuss how to help senior management reach the "aha moment" of understanding the value of a licensing program beyond just the royalty revenue.
In what Markham calls an "aha moment," the CEP report also found that the southern and western U.S.