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1. The wildtype hair color banding found in mammals; including some felidae; hairs are lighter or gray at the base and tipped with dark or blak pigment. Multiple banding on a hair may occur.
See also: Dasyprocta.
2. A tropic rodent.
See: Dasyprocta.
[Fr., native Indian]
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Molecular biology A gene expressed during the hair-growth cycle in the neonatal skin of mice, in which it is a paracrine regulator of pigmentation. The secreted agouti protein antagonises binding of alpha-melanocyte-stimulating hormone to its receptor (melanocortin 1 receptor) on the surface of hair bulb melanocytes, altering intracellular cAMP levels. Because of its role in regulating coat colour, agouti has served as a model of gene action and interaction.
Zoology A popular term for any of the guinea pig-like rodents of the genus Dasyprocta, which are native to the Western Hemisphere.
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a fur coloration in which there are alternating light and dark bands of colour on the individual hairs, giving a speckled brownish appearance. Such a fur coloration is found in mammals such as rabbits, rats and mice.
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La transferencia de alma que ocurre cuando un perro ingiere un esternon de aguti o cuando una persona bebe bilis de jaguar indica como ciertos intentos de comunicacion transespecie tambien conllevan una especie de devenir que difunima los limites ontologicos.
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Aguti Adut, the director of Community Security in Jonglei state, said the Murle women and children in Lou Nuer counties of Akobo, Uror and Nyirol were identified by his officers with help of local leaders.
Placentation in the capybara (Hydrochaerus hydrochaeris), Agouti (Dasyprocta aguti) and paca (Agouti paca).
Hunting for jungle fowl such as ocellated turkey, great curassow, crested guan, chachlaca and scaled pigeon, as well as smaller mammals such as coatimundi, paca and aguti, is good throughout this period.
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Resumen.--A Ia lista de mamiferos silvestres del Estado de Puebla, se agrega el de aguti, Agouti paca nelsoni, con base en los registros de cuatro ejemplares, procedentes de dos localidades en Ia selva tropical lluviosa de Ia Sierra Madre Oriental.