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Lucas Aguilera, a Catholic lay pastor (called delegate of the word), testified that he saw Carney in the Catholic church in Nueva Palestina, a village near Aguacate that had been militarized by the army.
But consumers generally ignored the fruit, until 20th-century merchandisers changed its name to avocado--apparently a cross between the French avocat (avocado or lawyer) and the Spanish abogado (lawyer), both of which sound a bit like aguacate or ahuacatl, spoken rapidly.
aguacate adults, the same trees and time frames for sampling adults were used as for sampling nymphs.
Americas Watch 1989 "Guatemala: Massacre at El Aguacate.
In a related matter, a lawyer representing the families of 22 campesinos killed in 1988 brought charges against former guerrilla commanders Rodrigo Asturias and Pedro Palma Lau and four others accused in the massacre that took place at El Aguacate in the department of Chimaltenango.
Louis and served for 25 years as a missionary in Honduras, could be among the human remains found at the El Aguacate air base, 80 miles east of the capital, Tegucigalpa.
On a related matter, the Union Nacional de Productores de Aguacate (UNPA) is forecasting exports of 12,000 MT of avocados to the US market during the winter months, twice as much as during the previous winter season.
Additional areas identified by Teck in the last year that are considered good gold targets include Aguacate, Riflero, Tennessee, Santa Maria Espinal and San Jose de Gracia.
Especies depredadoras de trips (Thysanoptera) asociadas a huertas de aguacate en Nayarit, Mexico.
There are two principal areas of alteration, mineralization, and old workings identified so far: Aguacate and Tejamanil.
Estudios sobre el barrenador del hueso y pulpa del aguacate Stenoma catenifer Walsinghan (Lepidoptera: Stenomidae).
Quesadillas Autentico con Aguacate (Authentic Avocado Quesadillas) -- A blend of four distinct cheeses complement cubed avocado, fresh corn, diced onion and hot sauce to make for a filling snack.