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The science of taming the land to grow crops and raise animals for food, clothing or other products.


the cultivation of the soil for any aspect of farming or horticulture.
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It will also meet international obligations of India for facilitating imports and exports of plants, plant products, animals, animal products, aquatic organisms and regulation of agriculturally important micro organisms.
He adds about two dozen species that until recently were considered to belong to other genera; provides illustrations to identify about 100 species, subspecies, and varieties; summarizes information on all species; presents only the scientific names that are aligned with the International Code of Botanical Nomenclature; presents a simplified classification of the alfalfa species Medicago sativa, which was previously split into dozens of species and hundreds of forms; and provides agriculturally and ecologically significant information.
Although it is rich agriculturally, residents often leave the area in search of work outside the village.
The monitors will ensure that the assessments comply with Haudenosaunee principles and policies, and will "provide certainty to Haudenosaunee citizens that the lands are remaining zoned agriculturally and that there are no plans for a large housing subdivision, " she wrote.
The roaster is committed to procuring the finest agriculturally sustainable coffees such as Rainforest Alliance certified coffee and Fair Trade coffee from around the world.
Professor Martin Dlamini, governor of the central bank of Swaziland, said, 'As we are an agriculturally dependent economy, it is important for us to meet with agricultural innovators in Israel and business people who would be willing to invest in developing our agricultural market.
8 magnitude quake drove thousands more from their homes in the Emilia Romagna region north of Bologna, one of Italy's most agriculturally and industrially productive areas.
But some local residents have criticized Lehigh's environmental record and are concerned about the prospect of construction on agriculturally preserved land.
The theme of the show is sustainable agriculture, we need to make Bahrain agriculturally sustainable, we need to take steps to achieve food security," said ministry assistant under-secretary for agriculture affairs Dr Salman Khuzaie.
Faiz Jawad told Aswat al-Iraq that the province has agriculturally useful land of 2.
Duncan, who owns a real estate appraisal company, said the area northwest of the city is generally agriculturally zoned land.
He said that agriculturally developed regions around the world could contribute significantly towards reducing food inflation.

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