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The science of taming the land to grow crops and raise animals for food, clothing or other products.


the cultivation of the soil for any aspect of farming or horticulture.
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The second agriculturalist encountered was Benicio, an enthusiastic young Costa Rican entrepreneur in Palo Seco who manages a bio-diverse cacao farm for education and tourist purposes.
In order to cope with the worst case scenario of how his activist thoughts on informed-living could be received, he steals the thunder of his harshest potential agriculturalist critics by fictionalizing the worst possible presentation of his ideas to the least prepared audience.
Photo: Ellen Brokaw of Santa Paula, the Ventura County Fair Agriculturalist of the Year, checks orange blossoms at her tree nursery in Saticoy.
Agriculturalists and environmentalists saw the world very differently; the issues that needed to be addressed were not the same, nor were the programs and tools or the institutions and statutes.
9 (ANI): A leading agriculturalist has warned that China might face increasingly grim food shortages in the next few decades due to a possible drop in the country's grain harvest, triggered by a climate change.
Majok also issued an order prohibiting cutting trees in the forest and to stop cattle from destroying cultivated crops in farms of agriculturalist across the towns of Lakes state.
Rumenco managing director David Thomson said: 'Dr Frank Heap is a committed agriculturalist with an excellent business record.
Among his perspectives are agriculturalist Cain and shepherd Able, God's favoritism, Cain builds the first city, and the Yahwist and the origin of culture and civilization.
A LEADING Welsh agriculturalist will warn a conference tomorrow not to place too much emphasis on food miles in the fight against climate change.
One is that there is an enormous amount of diversity in African hunter-gatherer populations, even more diversity than there is in agriculturalist populations," the BBC quoted her as saying.
A special series of four exhibition panels have been produced focusing on the Dalziel family which included Thomas and Edward, wood engravers who produced many of the engravings used in books such as Alice in Wonderland and The Arabian Nights; celebrated agriculturalist John Grey and the Culley family who pioneered many new farming practices.
Los Angeles community developer Roberto Barragan and Fresno agriculturalist Manuel F.

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