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Relating to or characteristic of agoraphobia.


Relating to or characteristic of agoraphobia.


(ag″(ŏ)-ră-fō′bē-ă) [Gr. agora, marketplace + -phobia]
A form of social phobia in which one feels overwhelming symptoms of anxiety on leaving home. The symptoms may occur in everyday situations (e.g., standing on line, eating in public) in which a person may be unable to escape or get help and may be embarrassed. Symptoms include rapid heartbeat, chest pain, difficulty in breathing, gastrointestinal distress, faintness, weakness, sweating, or fear of impending doom or of dying. People with these symptoms often avoid phobic situations by rarely or never leaving home. agoraphobe (ag′(ŏ)-ră-fōb″) agoraphobic (ag″(ŏ)-ră-fō′bik) agoraphobic, adjective;
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Major Finding: Patients with panic disorder and agoraphobia had better outcomes on global functioning, agoraphobic avoidance, and numbers of panic attacks when accompanied by the therapist during exposure sessions, versus preparing the patient for a solo experience.
PCT includes psychoeducation, cognitive strategies, and exposure-based procedures designed to reduce fear of somatic sensations and agoraphobic situations.
Williams' group examined self-reports of the thoughts and feelings of 74 agoraphobic adults as they drove alone or sat in a dark closet with the door closed for up to 20 minutes.
When Nim's father embarks on a day of research at sea, she begins an unlikely e-mail communication with an agoraphobic novelist who lives in New York City.
I've met people who were agoraphobic and hypnotherapy helped them - maybe you could find a practitioner who is willing to come to you for the first couple of sessions?
The order - until further notice - bans the agoraphobic from contacting a string of well-known people.
The 24-year-old actor plays the role of an agoraphobic father in Ciaran Foy's thriller.
30pm A gifted psychologist is traumatised by an attempt on her life and becomes agoraphobic.
One respondent said: "I had a ridiculous conversation with them on the telephone saying, 'I am agoraphobic.
And unlike the Eurovision-fostered sentiment of, "Yes, I know I'm a tee-total, borderline agoraphobic but - stuff this - I'm going down the pub", this is one piece of channel monopolising that most people don't mind at all.
AN agoraphobic woman who slapped her neighbour in the face was warned by a judge she will go to jail if she hits anyone else.
THIS instalment of the Scream comedy trilogy with David Arquette and Neve Campbell, has heroine Sidney Prescott in hiding after surviving enough psycho-killer ordeals to make anyone agoraphobic.