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(ăg′ə-nĭs′tĭk) also


Of or relating to an agonist.

ag′o·nis′ti·cal·ly adv.
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Anatomy Referring to a muscle with an activity similar to the index muscle.
Pharmacology Referring to an agonist (drug).
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As for the negative controls, Leu4llPhe did not affect BPA s agonistic activity, whereas Met323Leu diminished activity only slightly.
A minority of researchers into online politics have brought the concepts of radical or agonistic democracy and related concepts into understandings of politics online.
At the point, however, when you become aware that your dog's behaviors are inappropriate, traveling along that continuum of agonistic behavior verging on overt aggression, and are resistant to your efforts to manage and modify them, it's time to call for help.
Concerning the practice of sport, obviously the totality of G1 was involved in agonistic sport and more than 80% trained from four to six times a week.
The univariate models of the MANCOVA indicated that time spent foraging (df = 1, F = 9.08, P = 0.003) and in agonistic interactions (df = 1, F = 8.57, P = 0.004) by green crabs was high under the high-temperature treatment throughout the challenges.
If strike impulse or force predicts competitive success, these differences suggest that meral spot total reflectance signals fighting ability during agonistic encounters.
In aestheticizing the everyday, the sting created what we can call the "agonistic everyday": the visual sensorium of the everyday as framed by the sting.
In this article I analyze the actual and potential role of ethnic media as facilitators of counterhegemonic discourses in liberal democracies through an engagement with Chantal Mouffe's (1993, 1999, 2000, 2012) theory of agonistic pluralism, with specific examples drawn from Australia (Mouffe, 1993, 2000; Wingenbach, 2011).
The parameters under study were Vigilance, Resting, Grooming, Defecation/Urination frequency, time spent together Male-Female, Grouping, Alone, Affinitive interaction, Agonistic activity, Mounting frequency and Mounting Number etc.
The most generally accepted explanation is that trap saturation is due, in part, to the competitive and agonistic interactions between conspecifics inside and outside a trap (Richards et al., 1983; Miller, 1990; Addison, 1995; Jury et al., 2001; Barber and Cobb, 2009; Ovegard et al., 2011).
It tells-with ease and fluid prose-the complicated but important story of Nigeria's state-society development in the context of, in interaction with, and in antagonistic and agonistic relationships with religious forces.Vaughan argues that religious forces are decisive within the process of state formation, civic association, political mobilization, and political culture in Nigeria.
(6) The third chapter, "Indigenous Freedom and Canadian Constitutionalism", examines the complex and paradoxical ways in which Indigenous freedom simultaneously rejects and accepts the Canadian constitution through (borrowing from Jeremy Webber) a form of "agonistic constitutionalism" (7) that leaves legal and constitutional ideas constantly in motion and contested.