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the noncarbohydrate group of a glycoside molecule.
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, aglycone, pl.


(ā-glī'kon, ā-glī'kōn, ā-glī'că),
The noncarbohydrate portion of a glycoside (for example, digoxigenin).
[G. a- priv. + glykys, sweet]
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, aglycone (a-glī′kon″) (a-glī′kōn″) [ ¹an- + glyco- + -one]
An isoflavone attached to the chemical structure of digitalis glycosides. It is responsible for the cardiotonic activity of those agents.
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At physiological concentrations of a glucoside a very rapid cleavage to the aglycon can be expected.
The various pharmacological properties of licorice are attributed to triterpene saponins, such as glycyrrhizin, and flavonoids, such as liquiritin, isoliquiritin, and their aglycones. The plant's roots contain significant amounts of phenolic and flavonoid compounds.
In the biosynthesis of these compounds, the glycosidic bonds cannot be formed by the direct dehydration reactions of saccharide units and its aglycon parts.
In addition to the model compounds 2a-2f with simple aryl and alkyl aglycones, we included the phenanthroline derivative 2g, which was found to possess activity towards some glycosidases [27].
The pretreatment with the antibiotic neomycin modulated the oxidative stress caused by injection of vicine was due to decrease its hydrolysis to its toxic aglycon divicine and the level of glucose increased to reach the normal range.
The scientists are particularly excited about lomaiviticin aglycon's potential to kill ovarian cancer stem cells because the disease is notoriously resistant to Taxol and Carboplatin, two of the most common chemotherapy drugs.
There is some evidence that flavonoids in their glycon form seem to be more inhibitory effect on rotavirus infectivity than flavonoids in their aglycon form (120).
I learned that the ginsenosides that contain no sugar, called aglycon sapogenins, are the most effective ones for treating cancer.
When the researchers damaged the aglycon portion of the vancomycin derivative, rendering it unable to bind, the altered molecule still killed bacteria effectively.
Additionally, various solvent extraction techniques are compared in terms of their yields of the four major compounds: glycoside baicalin (BG), wogonoside (WG), aglycon baicalein (B), and wogonin (W) compounds in S.
Abeta(1-42) aggregates into non-toxic amyloid assemblies in the presence of the natural polyphenol oleuropein aglycon. Curr Alzheimer Res.
Similar studies of some tetracycline analogs showed that the aglycon was stable when irradiated at 25 kGy and that changes occurred when greater radiation doses were applied [19].