The portion of a glucoside other than the glucose.
[G. a- priv. + glucose + -on]
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A visual assessment of the troughs showed a longer ingestion period taken by the animals with regard to concentrates with a high concentration of crambe crushed (treatments 10 and 15%), due to epigoitrin (epi-PG) and aglucon levels.
1) is a combination of approximately 30 saponines with the main aglucon protoaescigenin, which is extracted from horse chestnut seeds [Aesculus hippocastanum L.].
Otro factor de inestabilidad es la presencia de enzimas que tienen caracter de [beta]-glucosidasa ya que hidrolizan el enlace glucosidico produciendo el correspondiente aglucon que es mas inestable [15].
Se tienen pocos datos de otras frutas como kiwi, maracuya, mango, pina y banano, lo cual es sorprendente debido a su significado comercial [11], aunque recientemente (1999-2000) [3] se caracterizo el kiwi y se determino la presencia de compuestos fenolicos especialmente glucosidos y aglucones de flavonoles.
undulatum aglucon piceatannol was also found [6, 10].
In order to obtain aglucones for HPLC coelution experiments, authentic hydroxystilbene glucosides were hydrolysed by [beta]-glucosidase (1 mg/mL) at pH 5 in the presence of not more than 10% (v/v) methanol.
Soybean paste contains large amounts of isoflavone aglucons and phenolic acids (Chung et al., 2011).
Other polyphenolic compounds such as anthocyanins as anthracene derivatives such as 0glycosides reduced aglucones are scarce in these extracts unlike steroids which are there in small quantities.
The inference was further validated by gas chromatography-mass (GC-MS), in which more core aglucones of NAD+, nicotinamide, were detected in 12 h chilled J.
In terms of bioavailability, aglucons were not found to be superior to conjugated isoflavones, so there may be questions over the recent trend to develop aglucon-enriched products.