The portion of a glucoside other than the glucose.
[G. a- priv. + glucose + -on]
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A visual assessment of the troughs showed a longer ingestion period taken by the animals with regard to concentrates with a high concentration of crambe crushed (treatments 10 and 15%), due to epigoitrin (epi-PG) and aglucon levels.
1) is a combination of approximately 30 saponines with the main aglucon protoaescigenin, which is extracted from horse chestnut seeds [Aesculus hippocastanum L.
Otro factor de inestabilidad es la presencia de enzimas que tienen caracter de [beta]-glucosidasa ya que hidrolizan el enlace glucosidico produciendo el correspondiente aglucon que es mas inestable [15].
In terms of bioavailability, aglucons were not found to be superior to conjugated isoflavones, so there may be questions over the recent trend to develop aglucon-enriched products.