aging report

ag·ing re·port

(āj'ing rē-pōrt')
In health care billing, a review, usually done with a computer program, of any monies owed the health care provider and any reasons for lack of payment; used to keep track of delayed receivables.
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The software also can generate an aging report to identify inventory that is not selling.
In Peachtree Accounting for Windows why doesn't my A/R Aging Report match my Balance Sheet?
It is indeed time to take an unflinching look at the shape of things to come - and begin asking how much it is going to cost and whether we can afford the bill," writes Bixby in the National Academy on an Aging Society's Public Policy and Aging Report.
New features include a buyer status report, pre-sell dispatch, batch price changes, data range reporting, product aging report and the Norand route book.
Traditionally, much of the information a credit manager had on a customer was in the form of a credit application, credit reports and correspondence, collection cards, and the Accounts Receivables Aging Report.
Data from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau indicates that nearly one in five seniors report being the victim of financial exploitation, while the National Council on Aging reports that financial abuse and fraud costs older Americans $36.
The Washington-based American Association of Homes and Services for the Aging reports that relatively few hospital patients were transferred to nursing homes as a result of the attack on the Pentagon.