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The aggregator model has the potential to change the economics around how insurers are distributing their products," says Erik Sandquist, managing director for Accenture Distribution and Marketing Services in North America.
One decision in particular provides a model for how the law should approach the news aggregator problem.
Readers rely on aggregators to help them sort through an overabundance of information online.
Because the use is a brief portion and is designed for news reporting purposes, aggregators have claimed that their use is fair.
The aggregator entity can sometimes improve the agency's ability to finance a perpetuation or sometimes there are members of the aggregator that can provide the perpetuations for some of the members without options.
These requirements included disclosures to customers, review and approval of access technology, differentiation between an aggregator entering its system and a "real" customer and third-party security audits.
com/research/32wxfg/uk_insurance) has announced the addition of the "UK Insurance Aggregators 2012" report to their offering.
The Reserve Bank has, as it had announced in its Press Release dated July 02, 2015, created a separate category of NBFC called Non-Banking Financial Company - Account Aggregator (NBFC-AA) to provide account aggregation services.
Virtosoftware expands its SharePoint product line presenting Virto RSS&Twitter Aggregator - a new Virtosoftware web part ( http://www.
I currently subscribe to about 600 RSS feeds, but I don't actually look at every piece of information that comes into my aggregator.
At $5 per Mbps, new BA-4000 broadband aggregator breaks price barrier for bandwidth aggregators and automatic ISP failover provides continuous Internet availability
More than half of the 400 insurers surveyed globally in a recent Accenture study are considering setting up their own aggregator sites online sites that allow insurers to sell their own and other insurers products.