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Collected together, thereby forming a cluster, clump, or mass of individual units.


, agglomerated (ă-glomĕr-ăt, -ātĕd)
To gather into a mass.
[L. ag-glomero, to wind into a ball; from ad, to, + glomus (glomer-) mass, ball of yarn]


(ă-glom′ĕ-rāt″) [L. agglomerare, to roll into a ball]
To congregate, form a mass.
agglomeratio (-rā′shŏn)
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Introducing Recostar 65 Universal Recycling Line, which combines a shredder, agglomerator, and extruder to recycle low-bulk-density material.
Carlino's main point, however, is that even with the advances in transportation and communication technology that have made location less important over more and more varied sectors of today's production economy, there is still a place for cities as agglomerators of consumption.
Littleford Day is a manufacturer of processing equipment including horizontal mixers (batch and continuous), granulators, extractors, agglomerators, vacuum driers, conical mixers, sigma mixers, vertical high intensity mixers, liquid dispersers, pressure reactors, sterilizers, and size reduction equipment.
We offer a full range of equipment, including multi stage spray dryers, tall form dryers, agglomerators, and our own unique Filtermat Spray Dryer.
But as of late, it's FEECO's rotary drum agglomerators that have brought attention.
We offer a full range of equipment, including multi-stage spray dryers, tall form dryers, agglomerators, and our own unique Filtermat[R] Spray Dryer.
Clear Gear Lubricant is a Very High Viscosity full synthetic fluid gear lubricant designed for use in open gear systems, particularly in rotating equipment such as grinding mills, cement kilns, driers, agglomerators and pelletizers.
The development of intensive high-shear mixers for microagglomeration and selective agglomeration, and disk and drum agglomerators encouraged widespread investigations of applications of the technology in the chemical and resource-extraction industries.