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Industrialization and agglomeration is accompanied by urbanization because many efficiencies and external economies are obtained by an industry located near others.
Space character: The movement of financial agglomeration is in line with the way of thinking of the "financial geography", and the operation mode is from the spatial difference to the spatial process and then to the spatial interaction".
In Cambodia, informal firms benefit most from agglomeration economies, while in Ethiopia, agglomerating firms have higher productivity if they produce similar products to other firms in the cluster.
This study revisits the issue of whether or not agglomeration benefits a clustering region through increased labor productivity.
In an attempt to assess the relationship between agglomeration and economic growth we have selected those that seem most appropriate with the study (see Sala-i-Martin et al.
Des responsables au ministere ont fait savoir que ces nouvelles agglomerations seront baties avec la participation des unions agricoles, productives et consommatrices, ainsi que celles de la richesse piscicole.
Have a material that you're interested in testing for agglomeration feasibility?
Crozet, Mayer and Muchielli (2004), Head, Ries and Swenson (1995, 1999), and Hilber and Voicu (2010), the analysis takes great care in identifying the effects of agglomeration economies on FDI location.
Carlino suggests, therefore, that consumer agglomeration economies can serve as an indicator of future growth for cities.
Good relationships among the firms within an agglomeration allow for the establishment of feedback mechanisms.
All deal with the core topics of agglomeration, innovation, and regional competition, although some deal more with the influence of innovation and agglomeration on the location of economic activity and others deal more directly with the issue of regional competition.
The combination of greater ethnic shares and increasing agglomeration of ethnic inventors has helped to reverse the 1975-94 declines in the overall concentration of U.